At 15:00 on January 30, 2021, all employees of Changzhou Fanqun held the 2020 "Fanqun Cup" and annual awards meeting in the conference hall on the 5th floor of the office building.

  Address by General Manager Mr. Fan Qi


  After a day of fierce competition, the first "Fan Qun Cup" employee sports meeting in 2020 has successfully completed various events. Here, President Fan, on behalf of the company, expressed his sincere thanks to the athletes, referees and all staff who worked hard for the smooth progress of the Games. In the one-day event, you worked tirelessly and prepared carefully, fully demonstrating our Fan Qun’s entrepreneurial spirit of "working hard and living happily". In the fierce competition, Fan Qun people's team style of daring to fight and fighting was also wonderfully demonstrated, which brought a perfect end to the first employee sports meeting.

  Mr. Fan said that in the future, we will continue to expand the cultural activities of our employees and make bold innovations. Together with the company, we will put people first and promote the construction of corporate culture. We must, as always, pay attention to discovering, cultivating and motivating talents, and combine individual potential with the company's development and growth to ensure the common development of individual employees and the company.

  Games Awards


  Annual awards


  Outstanding Representative Speaks


  Address by Chairman Fan Binghong


  Fan Dong said that on behalf of the company, he extended sincere condolences to the hard-working and dedicated employees. At the same time, I would like to pay high tribute to the 2020 "Outstanding Individual of the Year"! Everyone has made new contributions to the development of the company in ordinary positions with hard work, dedication, dedication, and selfless dedication. I hope you will continue to set an example for other employees and create new achievements.

  In the past year, we have worked hard together, climbed the summit bravely, and achieved excellent results. Standing at a new starting point and facing new opportunities and challenges, we will work harder. Believe that we are the best team, let us work together and have dreams to create the next glory together. I sincerely thank all employees for their silent persistence and dedication!