The 2nd International Fluid Machinery Industry Summit Forum sponsored by China General Machinery Industry Association and the 30th anniversary of the founding of China General Machinery Industry Association were held on October 16 and 17 in Shenyang guest view international hotel.

The international fluid machinery industry forum aims to enable enterprises to capture the direction of technology, the future of products and the trend of market through a professional and authoritative platform and an international perspective and angle, so as to transform knowledge into productivity. China General Machinery Industry Association awarded Changzhou fanqun drying equipment Co., Ltd. with "2019 China Tongxie drying equipment characteristic advantage enterprise".
Changzhou fanqun always insists on consolidating the foundation of development with innovation. Over the years, the company has solidly promoted the manufacturing and cooperation of new energy, new application and new technology in advanced equipment, promoted the foreign cooperation of advantageous production capacity, formed new economic growth point, and enhanced the overall quality and core competitiveness. Changzhou fan Qun will forge ahead under the guidance of China General Machinery Association and make unremitting efforts for the sustainable development of China's modern drying industry.