On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, in order to thank all employees for their hard work and adhering to the company's meticulous care for employees, under the company's unified arrangement, the Dragon Boat Festival warm-hearted benefits were issued to all employees in advance on the afternoon of June 22.

  Changzhou Fanqun has paid great attention to the welfare of employees in recent years. On traditional festivals, the company will send blessings to employees as soon as possible, and distribute benefits to everyone, so that everyone can enjoy the festival and feel the warm care from the company.

  Boxes of zongzi, salted duck eggs and summer toiletries and other gift boxes are continuously distributed to the employees. The joy of the employees who received the benefits was overwhelming. They all said that the benefits of the Dragon Boat Festival are the company’s affirmation of everyone’s hard work this year. It not only allows everyone to feel the festive atmosphere in advance, but also incorporates the company’s strong care. Among the rice dumplings.

  In this festive season, Changzhou Fanqun Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. wishes all employees and partners a happy Dragon Boat Festival!