Changzhou Fan Qun participated in the "third carbon material technology summit forum for battery" sponsored by China chemical and physical power industry association and co organized by Ningbo Institute of material technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and School of chemistry and material engineering, Wenzhou University. Held in Ningbo from May 19 to 21, 2021, the conference focused on the technology and research of carbon materials as "high performance electrode materials + new conductive additives".


  The theme of the conference is mainly about carbon materials, including carbon black, graphite, graphene, Docon, carbon nanotubes and carbon coated materials. The main application equipment is rotary kiln, spray, flash evaporation, paddle and so on.

  ChangzhouFan Qun was invited to attend the conference, and many enterprises came to the booth for in-depth understanding and consultation. Through this meeting, we feel the recognition and support of customers and industry professionals for Changzhou Fan Qun. Changzhou Fan Qun will not forget its original intention, continue to adhere to the enterprise purpose of "innovation achievement model, quality leading cluster", continue to work hard, constantly push through the old and bring forth the new, and bring better drying engineering solutions to our customers!