On 24th August, 2020, Changzhou Fan Qun held the launching ceremony of the spray drying unit of BASF Finland project at Changzhou dock.


  This project is a major investment of BASF in harjavalta, Finland, and also a strategic decision of BASF in lithium battery industry. It has strengthened its support for the agenda of the European Commission on establishing a European battery production value chain, and is also part of the "key projects of European common interests" approved by the European Commission on 9th December , 2019 in accordance with the EU country assistance rules. And the spray equipment is the most critical equipment in the lithium production line. It is expected to provide battery materials for the new energy automotive industry in Germany with an annual output of 400 thousand new energy vehicles. Changzhou Fan Qun undertakes an important mission. "Only can success, not allow failure" makes us deeply responsible.

  He Yu, global vice president of BASF, and his team, project management engineering company Worley; And Fan Qun's front-line employees who have worked hard for several months; And Jiang Hao, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Changzhou Binjiang Economic Development Zone, and Jiang Dong of Changzhou lu'anzhou Yangtze River Wharf Co., Ltd., who have provided us with great help, gathered here to witness and share this moment.

  The project was signed on 19th August, 2019. From the early inquiry, technical clarification, to the pre kick-off meeting of the contract, to the kick-off meeting, and then to the specific production, each link has witness the efforts of Changzhou Fan Qun.

  From pieces of steel plate preparation, circumferential seam splicing, wharf stacking and forming the final equipment, Changzhou Fan Qun takes care of it like witnessing the growth of a child. It is not easy for the global epidemic this year. At the beginning of this year, it encountered a lot of production resistance. The return of personnel and epidemic prevention work made the project difficult. But the results are satisfactory and the efforts are fruitful.

  The spray dryer of this time is 7.5m in diameter, erected and installed up to 15m. There are numerous roadblocks in domestic land transportation. 76 roadblocks need to be removed from Fan Qun workshop to the wharf of Changzhou section of the Yangtze River, and it is difficult to cut and coordinate natural gas pipelines. The initial plan is to assemble on site in Finland and be operated by foreign construction teams, but the project believes that our Chinese private enterprises are energetic, capable, willing to work and have the strength to do well. If we can overcome the transportation obstacles from the workshop to the liner, client still hope to assemble in China. Therefore, Changzhou lu'anzhou Yangtze River Wharf Co., Ltd., the leader of the District, have given great support and help to make all this possible.

  This is the largest single contract of Fan Qun export project and a witness of the growth together with BASF.

  During the implementation of the project, a number of strong staffs rushed to the front line of the project, including not only ChangzhouFan Qun, but also backbone and leaders from BASF owner and colleagues from engineering company Worley. We can see that Changzhou Fan Qun electrical design team has met the difficulties and digested and understood the standards of BASF; The production team overcomes the shortage of manpower and is full of energy to actively cooperate with the production and rectification; The transportation dept. has not only ensured smooth domestic transportation, but also opened international cooperation with international shipping company; Especially the project personnel from the owner insist on working in the front line, and give valuable suggestions and commute between Shanghai and Changzhou.

  The successful cooperation of this project is of milestone significance to the development of Changzhou Fan Qun. The rich achievements made over the past 30 years are inseparable from the joint efforts of all employees of Changzhou Fan Qun and the full support and help of all sectors of society. Changzhou Fan Qun will not forget its original intention, continue to uphold the enterprise purpose of "innovation makes a model and quality leads the industry", continue to work hard, constantly innovative, and provide customers with better drying engineering solutions!